Spokane Agency Joins ISU Network

June 1, 2005

May Davis Agency is the latest addition to the ISU Network of Independent Agents, announced ISU International president, T.J. Ryan III.

The newest ISU branch office was opened in Spokane by current principal Bill Davis and his former partner back in 1974 and presently focuses on the area of construction and mining risks. Davis said he looked forward to utilizing the advantages offered to his agency by affiliating with ISU.

“Joining ISU helps us alleviate the constant struggle independent agencies face in accessing the most preferred companies in the market,” he said. “We’re very excited about bringing the presence of a national organization to our business without having to compromise the high level of service our customers have come to expect from us over the years.”

“Bill runs his business with great professionalism, and we believe he will be a real asset to our network,” said Ryan. “As ISU continues to expand in Washington, Bill’s agency sets a good benchmark for the type of people with whom we hope to associate.”

Davis added that having the opportunity to attend ISU’s national conference in May provided a good glimpse into the camaraderie that existed among his new associates.

“My son and I had a chance to attend the conference, and we both came away feeling real good about the type of people in the organization and the common feeling that everyone was part of a larger team,” he said.

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