Word & Brown General Agency Introduces New Online Quoting System

July 1, 2005

Orange, Calif.-based Word & Brown General Agency introduced an all-new Web-based integrated system that enhances the quoting capabilities of California’s health insurance brokers by giving them the ability to create, edit and customize all types of quotes within minutes.

“Word & Brown set the industry standard for quoting systems and is delivering a breakthrough system,” said Jim Greth, senior vice president of Word & Brown Insurance Administrators Inc., a Word & Brown company. “There simply isn’t a better quoting engine available in the market that gives brokers the power to view quotes and make adjustments in real time and customize formats any way they want, with unique features that allow them to easily and quickly evaluate a portfolio of products from California’s premier health plans. This makes more efficient use of the broker’s time and enables him to offer accurate and current quotes for his customers’ health coverage solutions.”

“Having the ability to make real-time adjustments on the screen gives a broker a tremendous advantage in providing service to his client,” Greth explained. “The system’s flexibility, speed and reduced clicks translate into more choices of how to create and deliver proposals to their clients. Delivered electronically, or in a bound hard copy delivered anywhere a broker wants, the system easily accommodates special handling.”

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