Calif. Legislature Breaks for Summer, Takes Action on Measures

July 18, 2005

Following is ACIC’s weekly update on legislative action taken on insurance-related bills last week and the measures scheduled for consideration in the future.

Note: Legislature begins its month-long summer recess July 15.

Legislative action last week and ACIC’s positions

Senate Appropriations Committee – July 11
AB 669 (La Suer) Firefighter Training and Standard.AB 669 would create the California Firefighter Training Standards Task Force to conduct a statewide needs assessment, make recommendations for the implementation and funding of fire training programs and report the findings of the task force to the Legislature no later than Dec. 31, 2005. Final committee action was postponed. ACIC supports the bill.

AB 1474 (Maze) Provisional Licensing Program.AB 1474 makes two important changes to California’s graduated driver license program. AB 1474 would extend from six months to one year when graduated drivers licensees are prohibited from transporting individuals under the age of 20. In addition, AB 1474 would expand the restriction on driving between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. The hearing was postponed until Aug.15. ACIC supports the bill.

Senate Transportation Committee – July 12
AB 963 (Garcia) Vehicles: Provisional Driver’s License: Telephone Use.AB 963 would prohibit a teenage driver who is licensed pursuant to the graduated driver’s license program from using a cellular phone while operating a vehicle. The bill was removed from the committee agenda. ACIC supports the bill.

Assembly Appropriations Committee – July 13

SB 538 (Kuehl) Workers’ Compensation: Medical Provider Networks (MPNs).SB 538 would establish statutory standards for medical provider networks. SB 538 would also require a health care organization that serves as a medical provider network to demonstrate that it has sufficient capacity to provide services to workers’ compensation claimants. In addition, the bill would set patient-to-provider ratios and require MPNs to be recertified every three years. The bill was held in committee for a vote at a later date. ACIC opposes the bill.

Senate Banking, Finance and Insurance Committee – July 13
AB 303 (Calderon) Automotive Repair Dealers. AB 303 would allow an insurance company to work directly with a repair shop to pursue the repair of an insured vehicle. The bill was held in committee for a vote at a later date. ACIC supports the bill.

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