Cambridge General’s Market Reduces Apartments Rate

January 13, 2006

California based Cambridge General Agency is offering a market that is rolling back rates on apartments in California. According to the company, if the policy is written on a package basis it may qualify for additional credit.

Available coverage options include: equipment breakdown, computer equipment, accounts receivable, outdoor signs, money and securities, and valuable papers. Property limits are up to $10 million PML. Occurrence limits are up to $3 million. Older buildings are eligible. Habitational with mercantile or restaurants are also eligible. And multi -story complexes are OK. Package minimums start at $1,000. Deductibles vary.

The coverage is available in California by “A+” XV-rated carrier.
For more information, visit or call any Cambridge underwriter:

San Francisco (800) 979-5002

Rancho Cordova (800) 309-4755

Stockton 8(00) 572-3635

Fresno (800) 670-4030

West Covina (800) 660-1771

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