Association Urges Calif. Governor Not to Increase Trial Lawyer Payments

September 13, 2007

The Civil Justice Association of California is criticizing trial lawyers of trying to fill their pockets and is asking Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to protect consumers by vetoing a plan that would increase contingency fees in lawsuits involving MediCal patients.

If signed by the governor, Senate Bills 93 and Assembly Beill 1456, which passed in the Legislature, would allow lawyers to overstate the medical costs in a personal injury lawsuit — resulting in inflated settlements and judgments and bigger fees for the lawyers who take a third or more of the money for themselves, CJAC said. The bill does not protect patients, but only rewards personal injury lawyers for artificially inflating claims, the association said.

“The personal injury lawyers are attempting to cash in on their lavish political contributions by bludgeoning the California legislature into accepting these lawyers’ recipe for cooking the books. Californians, paying their insurance premiums, should think of the personal
injury lawyers and their new money for their yachts and private airplanes,” said John H.Sullivan, CJAC president.

Source: CJAC

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