Wyoming Considers Cab Regs Requiring Proof of Insurance

October 6, 2008

The Cheyenne, Wyo., City Council is considering more regulations for taxi companies doing business in the city.

Six cab companies are licensed to do business in Cheyenne. Right now, those cabs aren’t individually checked for insurance coverage even though the state seeks proof that a cab company carries a $500,000 commercial insurance policy.

City ordinance currently requires cabs to post their fares. Also, owners must prove that they carry a commercial insurance policy and drivers are subject to background checks.

A draft ordinance would require companies to conspicuously display licenses and insurance forms inside their cabs. Cabs also would have to be annually inspected to make sure they’re roadworthy and have accurate odometers.

Proponents of the changes include Joe Elkins, who started Better Checker Cab last year. Elkins said he has spent a lot on vehicle insurance and repair and gets upset when competitors take shortcuts, such as by taking out personal insurance on cabs. Commercial insurance runs $300 per month per cab, so personal insurance can save a lot of money.

“All I want is a level playing field,” he said.

Police Chief Bob Fecht also supports more regulations.

“Nothing says ‘Mister cab owner, you have to prove that your vehicles are in good working order,'” Fecht said. “I think, honestly, there should be standards. More specifically, it places the burden on the cab company.”

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