California Commissioner Applauds Insurance Education at Cal State Fullerton

By Mary Ellen Nossaman | November 24, 2008

“You are the current and future business leaders of the state of California,” California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner told an audience at California State University in Fullerton on Oct. 17, 2008. In his second visit to the University, Poizner expressed his support insurance education.

The choice of the commissioner as a keynote speaker was part of Dean Anil K. Puri’s effort to highlight the success of the insurance program at Cal State Fullerton and to focus on the insurance industry as a career choice for university graduates. Poizner, along with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, were present for the dedication of the Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, new home of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. The school’s Center of Insurance Studies has launched a new Insurance Marketing Entrepreneur Program, which is aimed at educating a new generation of agents and brokers for the 21st century.

During his address, Poizner touched on concerns regarding AIG, promising listeners that he would not allow the resources of major insurance companies to leave California. He laid out the many challenges facing California’s economy, including competition from other states and the growing economies of China, India and Russia.

“We have to become the place where businesses get started and grow,” This, Poizner said, will promote a healthy economy in California with “plenty of money to invest” in education and infrastructure. He exhorted his listeners to help California “retake the title of being the innovation capitol of the world.”

Stressing that California was a place for entrepreneurs from the beginning, including ranchers, miners and farmers, Poizner emphasized that the state needs to reclaim this innovative spirit. As the “largest business school in California,” Mihaylo College of Business and Economics will be educating our business leaders of the future and helping to bring California “back to focusing on innovation and job creation.”

Poizner acknowledged the accomplishments of the college, calling it “one of the crown jewels of our education system,” and noting that it is already producing its share of young and ambitious entrepreneurs, ready to make their mark on the new century.

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