Washington Insurance Commissioner Announces Legislative Priorities

March 2, 2009

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has published his
legislative priorities for the 2009 session.

One of his top priorities “is protecting consumers in the event of an emergency,” he noted on his Web site. To achieve that, the Commissioner will ask the Legislature to pass three bills. The flood insurance coverage disclosure bill (SB 5417 and HB 1564) would ensure that consumers understand that flood insurance is not included in homeowners’ policies and tell them where to get it. The business continuity plans bill (HB 1565 and SB 5416) would require insurers to be prepared and have a continuity plan in case an emergency disrupts business. And the emergency powers bill (HB 1566 and SB 5669) would require insurers to make reasonable exceptions, such as grace periods for payments and access to out-of-network medical care, in the event of an emergency.

The Commissioner also noted he aims to improve healthcare in the state. His Guaranteed Health Benefit Plan would provide catastrophic coverage and key preventive care to all Washington residents.

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Source: OIC

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