Foremost Insurance Expands Dwelling Fire Program in Utah

April 1, 2009

Foremost Insurance Group has expanded its dwelling fire program in Utah. Foremost is accepting more landlord and rental property customers, and offering new, larger discounts. Typically known as the solution for hard-to-place landlord and owner-occupied properties, the program also includes standard and preferred business.

The company is now accepting:
-Vacation rental properties;
-Homes with open foundations;
-Customers who have had a lapse in coverage; and
-Customers with up to five losses.

The company can now provide landlord one insurance company for all their rental properties, said Rodney Ellisor, Foremost zone executive director.

Some of the discounts offered include:
-Homes up to 19 years old can qualify for an age of home discount, up to 20 percent;
-The discount for superior financial responsibility is increased to 20 percent;
-Owners with another Foremost, Farmers, Bristol West or Zurich policy can qualify for a discount; and
-Owners without prior claims can receive a discount

To become appointed with Foremost, agents can visit

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