Oregon Investigates Phony Agent

September 24, 2009

The Oregon Insurance Division is asking dentists and oral surgeons to contact the division if they purchased business owners’ insurance through Brenda L. MacLaren-Beattie, a Washington-based agent who allegedly sold phony policies to clients in both states.

According to Washington insurance investigators, MacLaren-Beattie and her Seattle-area company, the MacLaren Group, allegedly took premium money from dentists and oral surgeons who wanted business owners’ policies but then failed to purchase the coverage.

The policies would have protected buyers against everything from a client’s fall to theft.

The 66-year-old MacLaren-Beattie told clients their insurance was through Mutual of Enumclaw or Berkshire Hathaway. Her appointment to represent Berkshire Hathaway terminated in 2003 and she was never appointed with Mutual of Enumclaw, according to Washington investigators. MacLaren-Beattie paid some claims with her personal funds.

The Oregon Insurance Division asks anyone who bought a similar policy from MacLaren-Beattie to call Investigator Stephanie Noren at 503-947-7233.

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