Poizner Fronts Governor Campaign $15 Million

By | December 14, 2009

California State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner will give his campaign for the governor’s office $15 million of his own money, according to news reports.

Poizner, a former high-tech company executive, previously gave his campaign $4 million.

Polls released last month indicated the Poizner trials the two other, main Republican candidates for governor, Meg Whitman, former chief executive officer for eBay, and Tom Campbell, a former congressman.

A Rasmussen Report poll said 16 percent of voters viewed Whitman highly favorably, 13 percent viewed Campbell highly favorably, and 7 percent viewed Poizner highly favorably.

The poll said all the Republican candidates would lose to former Gov. Jerry Brown, who is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination though he has not officially announced he is a candidate.

Poizner has said that he would cut taxes and spending. He also has said he would create a $10 billion rainy day fund for the state.

His campaign has criticised Whitman’s for its spending, saying she is trying to buy the office.

Poizner made his money with a company called SnapTrack. The company made chips for cell phones that allowed for persons to be located in the case of emergency.

He and shareholders sold the company for $1 billion to Qualcomm in 2000.

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