Arizona Senate Committee Considers Changes to DMV Notification Rules

March 8, 2010

The Arizona Senate is considering reducing or eliminating the need for some risky drivers to maintain their automobile driving insurance filing.

An amendment to Senate Bill 1030 would reduce or eliminate the need for drivers to maintain their SR22 filing. The SR22 filing is used by the State Department of Motor Vehicles to monitor the insurance coverage for a driver who has either a serious violation or a prior history of driving without automobile insurance, according to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Arizona.

Normally, all auto insurance is monitored by the Arizona DMV. However, the system does not immediately suspend the driving privilege and/or registration for a vehicle if it is notified of the lapse of insurance coverage. It delays action for 30 days to allow a driver to replace coverages and have the new insurance company notify the DMV of a new or rewritten policy. But in the case of a policy containing an SR22 filing for the driver, the insurance company immediately notifies the DMV of the lapse/expiration of coverage so the DMV can take immediate action against drivers most likely to have an uninsured auto accident if their insurance is canceled or allowed to expire, IIABA said.

“Although the language … of Senate Bill 1030 is somewhat ambiguous, it is certain that the objective is to lessen the number of drivers who are required to maintain a SR22 filing,” the association said.

The amendment is on the agenda of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and the IIABA said it will monitor the issue and notify agents if a grassroots effort is necessary.

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