Colorado Wants Protections Against Uninsured Motorists

By | March 16, 2010

The Colorado House has passed a bill that requires a motor vehicle insurance company to be appointed as an insured person’s agent in a lawsuit arising from an accident in which the at-fault driver is deemed to be “uninsured.” House Bill 1164 defines an”uninsured” driver when the driver cannot be served with a lawsuit after a reasonable attempt, when the police report fails to disclose the insurance company covering the driver after an investigation, and when the driver’s insurance coverage is not known by the injured person when trying to serve the driver with a lawsuit.

“The general assembly is very much concerned with the financial loss visited upon innocent traffic victims by negligent motorists who are financially irresponsible,” the bill text states. “In prescribing the sanctions and requirements of this article, it is the policy of this state to induce and encourage all motorists to provide for their financial responsibility for the protection of others, and to assure the widespread of availability to the insuring public of insurance protection against financial loss caused by negligent financial irresponsible motorists.”

Motor vehicle accidents can have a substantial economic impact in terms of lost wages, medical bills and property destruction, the general assembly said.

The bill is headed to the Senate for review.

Source: Colorado Legislature

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