Calif. City May Give Red Light Camera Fines to Charity

February 2, 2011

A Southern California city may donate red light camera fines to local charities in an effort to convince skeptics that safety is the motive behind the cameras, not a money grab. A recent red light camera study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said cameras indeed save lives.

Murietta Councilman Rick Gibbs suggested the charity idea when the city leaders decided earlier this month to expand the red light camera program from three intersections to five. Gibbs says the cameras have led to complaints the city uses the cameras to make money.

Mayor Randon Lane told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the city would pursue the idea and donate any future revenue to local charities that apply for federal Community Development Block Grant money.

The Police Department saidthe city got $261,750 from the 8,500 red light tickets issued during the five-year program.

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