Nine Californians Nabbed in $24M Alleged Workers’ Comp Billing Scheme

December 17, 2015

Detectives with the California Department of Insurance arrested nine people involved in a complex scheme allegedly targeting more than 230 workers’ compensation insurers and self-insured employers.

Siblings Francisco Javier Gomez, Jr., 32, and Angela Rehmann, 38, owners of G&G Interpreting Services, allegedly fraudulently billed more than $24.6 million for interpreting services for injured workers with Latino surnames.

Over a four year period G&G Interpreting allegedly billed for translation services provided to clinics where the majority of the clinic staff spoke Spanish and there was no need for translation services. In other cases, the company billed for services to clinics where 13 treating physicians spoke fluent Spanish-and again-there was no need for translation, according to detectives.

G&G Interpreting reportedly had a substantial operation providing Spanish-language interpreting services across the Los Angeles Basin and Southern California for injured workers receiving healthcare services through the workers’ compensation system.

People busted in $24 million workers' comp billing scheme in California on Dec. 17, 2015.
People busted in a $24 million workers’ comp billing scheme in California on Dec. 17, 2015.

The investigation revealed that 83,411 interpreting service events exceeded 12 hours in a day, which is more hours than the clinics were actually open. Detectives also discovered that G&G Interpreting billed workers’ comp insurers more than $422,000 for the services of an interpreter who was actually incarcerated in state prison during the time the company claimed she was providing interpreting services.

The arrest operation was conducted by the Department of Insurance with assistance from the California Highway Patrol and the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office and San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office. The case is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. This investigation is ongoing.

Suspects arrested were:

  • Francisco Javier Gomez, Jr., 32
  • Angela Rehmann,37
  • Cynthia Gomez,30
  • Melissa Navarro, 28
  • Gloria Sandoval, 41
  • Arnulfo Reyes III, 22
  • Amber Anguiano, 28
  • Crystal Garcia, 21
  • Jamilett Ortega,33

“People often make the mistake of thinking insurance fraud is a victimless crime-it is not,” Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement. “When those providing services to injured workers line their pockets by ripping-off workers’ compensation insurers through fraudulent overbilling practices and charging for services that never occurred, we all end up paying.”

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