Alteris to Offer Coverage for Mutual Water Companies in California

January 28, 2016

Alteris Insurance Services Inc. announced it will serve as insurance administrator for the newly formed CalMutuals Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) working with nonprofit water systems in California. The new program will work in partnership with the California Association of Mutual Water Companies (CalMutuals) and the American Association of Water Distribution & Management.

CalMutuals JPIA was recently established as a result of California’s legislature passing AB 656 in September 2015. This legislation was initiated by CalMutuals and supported by Alteris as well as other independent insurance brokers, Valley (Central) Ag Water Coalition, California Firefighters’ Association, and dozens of mutual water companies. It allows mutual water companies the opportunity to form and participate in a JPIA for purposes of insurance and supporting services.

CalMutuals JPIA provides customized insurance to mutual water companies domiciled in California whose operations comprise the development, transportation, management, storage, treatment or distribution of water.

Adjacent entities – such as water districts, sewer districts, conservation districts, and community services districts – are also eligible to secure insurance coverage through CalMutuals JPIA.

Serving as Insurance Administrator, Alteris will oversee member services in the areas of underwriting, claims, risk management and control, legal and regulatory compliance, and continuing education.

CalMutuals JPIA will begin enrolling members in February.

Alteris Insurance Services, Inc. (Alteris) is a member of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd., and operates as a full-service managing general agency providing a broad spectrum of products and services to brokers and clients throughout the United States. Targeted industry segments include water-related entities, emergency service organizations, wineries, breweries, forest products, and landscape contractors.

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