California OKs New Program to Streamline Licensing for Independent Adjusters

September 26, 2018

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced on Wednesday he had approved a Universal Claims Certification program from Claims and Litigation Management Alliance designed to streamline the licensing process for independent insurance adjusters.

The UCC makes the process of licensing independent insurance adjusters who wish to acquire and manage their independent insurance adjuster licenses in multiple states more efficient, according to an announcement from Jones.

The UCC doesn’t replace an independent insurance adjuster license, but makes the process of securing a license more efficient. Both licensed and unlicensed individuals can acquire a UCC. However, unlicensed individuals must first go through an intensive training by completing a 40-hour online pre-certification

“The Universal Claims Certification process is designed to streamline the independent insurance adjuster licensing process and reduce costs,” Jones said in a statement. “Also, the UCC program sets requirements for licensees that exceed the requirements under current California law, meaning it requires licensees to complete more continuing education, which greatly benefits the independent insurance adjusters and consumers.”

Currently, independent insurance adjuster applicants are not required to complete any pre-licensing education. California’s applicants are only required to take and pass the independent insurance adjuster license examination and meet the license requirements to receive an independent insurance adjuster license.

For a licensee to maintain the UCC, the independent insurance adjusters must complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years including five hours of insurance law and ethics. The UCC program’s insurance law and ethics requirement exceeds California’s required three hours of law and ethics that is a part of and not in addition to the 24-hour continuing education requirement.

Once independent insurance adjusters acquire the UCC, they will be able to more quickly obtain a license in the states where the UCC is currently approved, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and now California. This will allow out-of-state adjusters to be more readily available when a natural disaster occurs, according to Jones.

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