Dynamic Table Feed Setup

A customizable listing of the most recent headlines by region. Great for a side column, or even a standalone page.

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STEP 1: Copy and Paste

Simply paste the following into your HTML page where you would like the headlines to appear:

<iframe src="https://www.insurancejournal.com/newsfeed/htmlfeed.php" style="border:none;" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe>

Or if you would like to customize the look, copy and paste the following into your HTML page:

<iframe src="https://www.insurancejournal.com/newsfeed/htmlfeed.php?regions=&font=&fontsize=10&fontwt=600&linkcolor=555&regfontsize=9& regcolor=AF231C&regfontwt=700&newwin=1" style="border:none;" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe>

Note: After pasting the code into your HTML document, please make sure that all code is on a single line, with no spaces between the characters.

STEP 2: Customize it (optional)

The following describes optional settings you can use to match the look and feel of your own website.

Attribute Description
font Font face
fontsize Font size (in points)
fontwt Font weight (possible values: 100-900 at increments of 100, 400 is normal, 700 would be bold)
linkcolor Color of article links
regfontsize Font size of region headings (in points)
regcolor Font color of the region names
regfontwt Font weight for Region Headings (possible values: 100-900 at increments of 100, 400 is normal, 700 would be bold)
A comma separated list (no spaces) of regions to include in the order you would like them to display. Allowed values for the regions are national, international, west, southcentral, southeast, east, midwest
example: regions=national,west,east will display only National and West and East News stories, National will be displayed first, East will be displayed last.
newwin If set to 0 then articles will NOT open in a new window (by default they open in a new window)

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Comments / Suggestions

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Terms of Use

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