LWG Consulting announces Computer Forensic Services (CFS) for Forensic Accountants

Sponsored Content April 29, 2003

LWG Consulting announces the introduction of Computer Forensic Services (CFS) that assist Forensic Accountants in their investigations and evaluations. Since 1999, the firm has provided electronic evidence discovery and computer forensic services to attorneys, insurance companies and special investigators. LWG Consulting’s CFS services involve the application of court-proven techniques to collect, preserve and analyze electronic data such as word processing documents, e-mail and Internet files. Advanced techniques also allow the recovery of hidden and deleted data critical to the investigation and evaluation of claims. The firm offers its computer forensic services through each of its nineteen locations across North America.

Since its inception in 1984, LWG Consulting has become known for its expertise in the recovery from disasters involving high technology equipment, data recovery, equipment restoration and salvage. CFS is seen as a natural evolution to the specialized consulting services now offered and will become a staple service to clients, as technology and electronic communications are now commonplace.

Robert Wedoff, President of LWG Consulting, commented, “This addition to our existing service menu brings us one step closer to our goal of being the insurance claims industry’s premier provider of technical consulting services.”

For more information, please contact Jack L. Nevins, Manager of the Computer Forensics Group at jnevins@lwgconsulting.com or at (800) 578-7456.

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