Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc.’s Technology Brings Growth in Houston

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Dallas, TX, May 28, 2015 – Following 3 years of exceptional results in personal lines, Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc. is again expanding it’s homeowners/dwelling fire aggregate in the Greater Houston Metro, even including wind in the Tier 1 coastal counties. “Our London partners reward us because we consistently deliver profitable results” says Kelly Davis, President of TAR.

This Texas based MGA has built an ultra modern carrier level risk management tool. Far more than a rater, this platform gives the retail agent fully developed presentations from all qualified carriers simultaneously. While many MGAs use Prefill Raters to provide commercial “indications” to their agents, the TARGET Rater goes way beyond rate. It is a comprehensive proprietary rating platform with strict underwriting guidelines built-in for all lines of business and all carriers within the MGA’s binding authority. This includes commercial: GL & property; homeowners, dwelling fire and manufactured homes. The system instantly provides deductibles, coverages, premiums, forms & exclusions so the retail agent can turn the conversation away from price and back to coverage.

“Our success is measured in profitability – and our profitability is due to the way we built our TARGET Rater. Real time granular data gives us strategic flexibility and a sharper underwriting focus across a wider range of risk detail. We’ve even programmed weather and credit metrics into all property considerations. Our London partners get unparalleled access to aggregate management tools… and our retailers, despite the fact our rates have never been among the lowest in the region, are attracted to both ease of use and multiple choices for their single entry.” according to Senior VP David Day.

Ms. Davis credits TAR’s technology platform for tremendous success on both ends of the surplus lines distribution chain. She says efficiency and profitability are the cornerstones of their value added proposition, both upline to their carriers and downline to their retail base. She believes the single biggest key for MGA relevance in the 21st century (for Surplus Lines) is the combination of superior technology and logic based underwriting; the very same elements valued by direct admitted carriers.

Davis currently sits on the Nautilus Insurance Company Technology Committee, Cap Specialty Agent Advisory Board and Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company Agent Advisory Board. When asked about the role of technology in the MGA space, she says, “When all things are equal and the carrier sees one MGA’s book is substantially more profitable than another’s, and the main difference is software, well, carriers take notice.”

Her husband, Mr. Day adds, “Many MGAs are afraid to invest in technology. They want their carriers to create solutions. But this just makes the MGA irrelevant! The carriers are already modernizing Surplus Lines by providing web services data. It’s the MGA’s job to build the interface. The model may be different but it’s still distribution! And rather than approach it with fear and trepidation, MGAs have the opportunity – like we did – to build a multi-faceted tool that gives value to agents and carriers alike. A tool that gets results…because results will be rewarded in multiple ways. It’s why our available aggregate in a place like Houston continues to grow.”

Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc. is a Managing General Agent with broad-based, Binding Authority. Founded in 1983, we support the Independent Agent Network with a wide array of Surplus Lines P&C products in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. For more information, visit Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc.


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