The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research Announces STATE WINNERS of the 2019 OUTSTANDING CSR OF THE YEAR AWARD

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Austin, TX, July 10, 2019 – Each year, a group of exceptional insurance professionals are chosen by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research to represent their states and compete to become the National Outstanding CSR of the Year. This prestigious award, regarded as the foremost national award of its kind, recognizes the contributions and commitment of those who serve clients within the insurance industry.

To qualify for the top state honor, the 2019 candidates submitted an essay on the following topic:

“Many agencies recognize the professionalism and knowledge of Account Managers and CSRs who successfully weave sales into their day-to-day responsibilities. Please summarize the sales training (if any) you’ve received from your agency or company and discuss what you believe are the three (3) most effective sales techniques or tools that make you a better Account Manager/CSR.”

Additionally, entrants must have demonstrated commendable service to their agencies, their industry, and their community. The only eligibility requirement for this award is that the candidate must be an insurance customer service representative or have primary responsibility for insurance customer service duties.

“Only the most exceptional customer service representatives from across the nation can compete for The Outstanding CSR of the Year Award,” said Danielle Janecka, Head of Participant Experience at The National Alliance. “As exemplified in their competition essays, their agency contributions, and letters of recommendation from peers, every one of the state winners raises the standard for personal and professional excellence in the risk and insurance industry. We honor them for the clear value they bring to their colleagues, teams, and organizations.”

Each state winner receives a framed certificate and is eligible to compete for the national honor. The National Winner will receive a $2,000 cash award, and a gold and diamond pin. A $1,000 cash award is awarded to the nominator of the National Winner, and the recipient’s employer receives a scholarship to attend any program offered by The National Alliance. Additionally, the name of the Outstanding CSR of the Year is inscribed on a sculpture permanently displayed at the headquarters of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research in Austin, Texas.

The following is a list of the 2019 Outstanding CSR of The Year State Winners.

State Winners:

Alabama Ms. Jamie L. Hooie, CIC, CISR, CPIW, PIAM, DAE Thompson Insurance, Inc.
Alaska Ms. Anna K. Crocker, CISR Elite Marsh & McLennan Agency
Arizona Ms. Kristin J. Paul, CIC Hester, Heitel & Associates, LLC
Arkansas Ms. Mary Katherine Henderson, CIC Insurance Center, Inc.
California Ms. Marcella R. Beasley, MA, CISR, CRIS, CLP Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Connecticut Ms. Fernanda Ashberg, CIC, CPIA, AAI, ACSR, AINS, AIS Tooher Ferraris Insurance Group
Florida Ms. Kristin E. Hurst, CISR The Browning Agency
Georgia Ms. Sonya Thompson, CISR Elite The Baldwin Agency, Inc.
Idaho Ms. Shellie W. Newman, CISR Elite Archibald Leavitt Insurance
Illinois Ms. Jessica N. Eyler PLR Insurance
Indiana Ms. Denise Shelton Hoffman Insurance Group
Iowa Ms. Kate Schulte, CLCS Holmes Murphy & Associates
Kansas Ms. Renea L. Faulds Tru Insurance Services
Kentucky Ms. Tessa B. Mullen Gartman Insurance
Maine Mr. David M. Jensen, CISR Cross Insurance Agency
Maryland Ms. Laura A. Kellner, ACSR, AAI HUB International
Michigan Ms. Laura J. Connolly, CISR Elite Hartland Insurance Agency
Minnesota Ms. Joan M. Ebert, CIC Weizenegger Engel Insurance
Missouri Ms. Bethany N. Kensinger, CISR, CSRM, ARM, PWCAM Ollis/Akers/Arney
Nebraska Ms. Katie J. Bohrer, CISR Peterson Bros Insurance
Nevada Ms. Emily Linnell AssuredPartners Consulting
New Mexico Ms. Victoria M. Lynchesky, CIC J.S. Ward & Son, Inc.
New York Ms. Jennifer L. Vizza, CISR Market Alternatives, LLC
North Carolina Ms. Jennifer Flannery, CISR
Ohio Ms. Karla Meyer, CIC, CPRM, CISR W.P. Dolle, LLC
Oklahoma Ms. Susan M. Lucas, CISR Sullivan Insurance Agency
Oregon Ms. Kristi Tanner-Miller Barker Uerlings Insurance
Pennsylvania Ms. Morgan R. Sweeney, CIC, CISR Lechner & Stauffer, Inc.
South Carolina Ms. Lisa M. Earnhardt, CISR Creech Roddey Watson Insurance
South Dakota Ms. Barbara J. Henrich, CISR, AU Howalt-McDowell Insurance,

a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

Tennessee Ms. Connie M. Eadie, CIC, CISR Brown & Brown Insurance of Tennessee
Texas Mr. Jeremiah Gonzales, CIC Higginbotham
Utah Ms. Kiersten Moore Moreton & Company
Virginia Mr. Kyle M. Persinger, CISR USI Insurance Services, LLC
Washington Ms. Neely A. Lorimer, CISR Elite NFP
Wisconsin Ms. Haylie Schmit, CISR M3 Insurance
Wyoming Ms. Danielle Capps, CIC, CISR Wyoming Financial Services, Inc.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, the nation’s premier provider of advanced educational opportunities for insurance and risk management professionals, includes the Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) Program, the Certified Risk Managers (CRM) Program, the Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) Program, the Certified Personal Risk Managers Program (CPRM), the Certified School Risk Managers (CSRM) Program, the Dynamics Sales Training Series, and The National Alliance Research Academy. For further information, contact The National Alliance, P.O. Box 27027, Austin, Texas 78755-2027; 800-633-2165; website:

Media Contact:
Danielle D. Janecka
Head of Participant Experience
The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

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