InsurTech EasySend strengthens in Japan by establishing a Japanese entity in order to accelerate digitization within the Japanese financial industry

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No-code platform speeds up service delivery and significantly enhances customer experience for insurance, banking and other financial institutions

Tokyo, June 09, 2022 – EasySend Ltd. (Headquarters: Israel, CEO & Co-Founder: Tal Daskal, “EasySend”), an InsurTech company supporting the digitalization of the insurance and financial industries, has established a Japanese entity, EasySend Godo Kaisha in Tokyo. With Kazuyo, Yamashita as Director of Business Development in Japan, EasySend will further expand its customer base and partner companies in Japan and promote the digitalization of the financial industry in Japan including insurance companies and banks by leveraging its knowledge and experience in the global market, while addressing Japanese laws and market needs such as privacy data and security.

The importance of digitalization is widely recognized in the insurance and financial industries, with strategies to simplify, accelerate, and automate business processes. Driven by Covid 19, the industry has also been rapidly strengthening non-face-to-face channels and digitizing and automating administrative procedures of various forms in paper and PDF, contract processing and payment claims.

EasySend meets the needs of these insurance companies and financial institutions by providing a no-code development platform that does not require programming expertise. In particular, EasySend supports digitization by streamlining customer data intake and automating workflows that previously required paper forms into web forms and workflows in a short period of time and at a low cost. EasySend’s platform has already been implemented by dozens of insurance companies and banks in Europe, the U.S., and Israel. In Japan, EasySend’s platform has been implemented by Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. has also signed a distributor agreement.

EasySend’s platform allows non-system developers to quickly and easily develop systems with intuitive drag-and-drop operations and simple configuration, reducing a company’s five-year digital transformation plan to just three months, speeding service delivery, reducing system development and operations costs and improving customer services, resulting in the increase in the revenue. It also leverages a cloud-based, no-code builder that leverages third-party integrations, and analytics to address increasingly diverse and complex customer needs, giving it a competitive advantage over its competitors. EasySend also connects to Salesforce CRM to pre-populate fields, collect electronic signatures, initiate journeys, and optimize results. Enterprises can initiate the digital process through their website, email, SMS or CRM and the customers can start the process from any device, at any place or time. EasySend’s platform keeps personal and corporate information secure with strict security measures that comply with Japanese and international standards.

Tal Daskal, EasySend’s CEO stated, “The establishment of EasySend’s presence in the important Japanese market will allow us to build relationships with many companies, including Japanese insurance companies and financial institutions. EasySend is a digitalization expert in the insurance and financial industries. EasySend shortens sales cycles, reduces manual work, and increases brand loyalty.”

Akiyuki Matsuda, Data Business Group, DX Promotion Department, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. said, “By using EasySend, we are smoothly digitizing our traditional paper-based operations without major changes to our workflow. The file upload function, check boxes, electronic signatures, and other useful tools have made implementation easy. We also feel that intuitive operations such as copy and paste and drag and drop allow us to develop sophisticatedly designed web flows without advanced digital skills,” he said.


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Customer case-study:

  1. Real Garant by Zurich – Changing a complex process into a streamlined digital journey, impacting the revenue
  2. VGM – Achieved 5-year digitalization plan in 3 months
  3. Nürnberger -Built a digital journey in just 6 weeks and increase customer satisfaction

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About EasySend

EasySend is a no-code platform that empowers organizations to transform complex forms, customer data intake and signature collection processes into easy digital experiences.

By collecting customer data and signatures in a way that seamlessly integrates into internal systems and processes, EasySend empowers organizations to automate workflows and streamline customer interactions. Learn more at

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