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Doable Dozen: 12 Sales, Marketing and Management Ideas for Agencies

Eggs, juries, roses, even doughnuts– many good things come in a dozen. On the theory that more than 100 of anything seems like a lot to consider, but a dozen seems doable even on the busiest of days, here are …

Last Chance: Submit Your Sales, Marketing & Agency Management Ideas

Calling innovative insurance marketers! Share your sales, marketing and agency management ideas with the insurance community and they could be featured in Insurance Journal magazine’s Aug. 18 issue. To submit your idea today, visit: https://www.insurancejournal.com/agency-sales-marketing-ideas/ The DEADLINE is today.

How Do You Market? Share Your Best Sales & Marketing Tip

What’s your best sales and marketing idea? How do you target new business in your independent agency? Insurance Journal is on the hunt for the best sales and marketing ideas for independent agencies today. How do you research and obtain …