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  • GuyCarpenter's avatar GuyCarpenter Missed out on our top stories from May 2020? Get more insights on #COVID19, #climatechange, and #catastrophe by re… 6 hours ago
  • GuyCarpenter's avatar GuyCarpenter RT @MarshGlobal: #MarshCares: From Chicago to NY and across the US, our team is running, biking, swimming and more to provide essential med… 6 hours ago
  • GuyCarpenter's avatar GuyCarpenter The financial toll of #COVID19 is beginning to reveal itself. Many health systems are seeing revenues slashed in ha… 6 hours ago

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  • InsuranceNS's avatar InsuranceNS Great article. All broker associations across the country have stepped up in a big way to make sure brokers are sti… 2 hours ago
  • BigIofKansas's avatar BigIofKansas ABEN has added the code HELLOJUNE to get a 25% discount on ALL its catalogs for your professional #insurance traini… 3 hours ago
  • insurancecrime's avatar insurancecrime RT @NationalInVEST: — Top Five States for Auto Glass #Claims — 5) New York 4) Texas 3) California 2) Florida 1) Arizona - (*NICB) @insuranc… 3 hours ago

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  • crawco's avatar crawco To our Black employees and to all the people of color in our communities who face injustice and racism, we see you. 3 hours ago
  • GuiDosSantos's avatar GuiDosSantos RT @CarlosBolsonaro: Fantástico e Patético: 4 hours ago
  • GuiDosSantos's avatar GuiDosSantos RT @oiIuiz: Primeiro, eles se diziam comunistas. Depois, socalistas. Depois, social-democratas. Depois, progressistas. Agora chamam a si me… 4 hours ago