Port Smith Agency Owner Missing

August 15, 2011

Malcolm Tidwell, an insurance agent from Port Smith is reported missing. The exact date of his disappearance is unknown. Police were first alerted to his disappearance by one of his clients who said that he missed their weekly golf game for two weeks in a row. Tidwell does not have any immediate family, so police want to question neighbors, his employees, and other next of kin.

Police reported that interviews with Tidwell’s employees did not produce any substantial leads. Bertha Fife, Tidwell’s lead customer service representative indicated that she knew something was wrong, because her workload for the last two weeks dramatically dropped.

“I was finding that I had plenty of time to actually service the customers and not be put on some wild goose chase.” She indicated that the customers were also commenting how professional and well run the agency has been.

Jessica Henke, the agency’s bookkeeper said that she was thinking something was wrong with Tidwell because the crossword puzzle and Sudoku was not filled out before her lunchtime break. “I sure hope that he comes back soon. It is almost the end of the month and he needs to sign our paychecks.”

Police request that if anyone has any leads or information regarding Tidwell’s disappearance, to please contact the Port Smith Police Department.

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