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June 7, 2021

Marijuana Distributor Commercial Auto

Market Detail: CannGen Insurance Services’ ( auto program highlights include: annual policy term; liability up to $2 million CSL; local, intermediate and long radius; new ventures OK; prior losses OK; state filings requirements OK; 30% or more of total operations must include cannabis, CBD and hemp-related services; vehicles owned/leased/registered to the named insured’s business; business is domiciled and operates exclusively in legal cannabis, CBD and hemp states. Requires one of the following supporting lines of CannGen business: general liability; property and commercial package. Approved vehicle types: private passenger vehicles; fleets up to 100 vehicles; light trucks/vans; heavy duty trucks; semi-trucks; trailer coverage; mobile equipment. Target classes include: cultivators; processors/harvesters; manufacturers; wholesale distributors; transporters; retailers; dispensaries; labs; property managers; lessor’s risk (LRO)/building owners; and ancillary businesses.

Available limits: Maximum $2 million

Carrier: CannGen Insurance Services, LLC

States: Ariz., Calif., Colo., Ill., Maine, Mich., Nev., N.H., N.M., Okla., Ore., Vt., and Wash.

Contact: Michael Sidore at 916-956-2302 or e-mail:

Lessor’s Risk Only

Market Detail: Irving Weber Associates, Inc.’s (IWA) ( auto insurance for auto-related risks offers coverage for commercial real estate, such as strip malls, office buildings and more based on carrier’s underwriting criteria.

Available limits: Minimum $1,000, maximum $100,000

Carrier: QBE and others, admitted

States: All states

Contact: Tina Brazier at 631-619-9207 or e-mail:

Workers’ Compensation for Lumber and Wood Products

Market Detail: Allied Building Materials, Inc. (ABM) ( is a wholesale insurance brokerage owned and operated by Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s Mutual Insurance Co. Coverage focus includes, but is not limited to: workers’ comp; commercial fleet auto; excess umbrella; high value property; GL on challenging classes of business; and heavy manufacturing – all within the wood niche.

Available limits: Minimum $1,000, maximum $500,000

Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted

States: All states except Alaska and Hawaii

Contact: Genevieve Ventiere at 267-825-9254 or e-mail:


Market Detail: Nobel Insurance Services, a division of the Lancer Insurance Co. (, provides an insurance program focused on meeting the needs of the commercial explosives industry. Nobel provides general liability, automobile and excess liability coverages to manufacturers, distributors and users of explosives designed for the construction and mining industry. Limits up to $10 million. Excluded classes: pyrotechnics, demolition and munition haulers.

Available limits: Maximum $10 million

Carrier: Lancer Insurance Co.

States: All states

Contact: Charlie Pollard at 516-431-9191 or e-mail:

Essential Insurance for Mortgage Lenders, Originators, and Servicers

Market Detail: OSC Insurance Services ( offers mortgage impairment for mortgage lenders, particularly regional banks, credit unions, and community banks. The coverage is primarily designed to protect the insured in the event an uninsured or underinsured damages a mortgaged property. Mortgage impairment insurance provides coverage whenever there’s an unknown exposure. OSC works with a carrier with experience related to mortgage impairment coverage. OSC’s mortgage impairment policy contains both first-party coverage and third-party liability coverage. Broader coverages and higher limits that what is currently available in the market. A completed application is typically all that is needed to provide a quote, with quick binding. Reduced rates available for 3-year policies. Varied options and deductibles tailored for each business.

Available limits: Minimum $2 million

Carrier: Unable to disclose

States: All states

Contact: Customer service at 800-432-1258 or e-mail:


Market Detail: Brecht & Associates Inc.’s ( stand-alone liquor policies are available for a number of classes and may also be packaged with general liability and property. Eligible classes include: restaurants, including BYOB; bars and taverns; live entertainment; comedy clubs; caterers; bowling alleys, billiard or pool halls; karaoke bars; disc jockeys; convenience stores; liquor/package stores.

Available limits: Minimum $100,000, maximum $5 million

Carrier: Unable to disclose, non-admitted

States: Texas only

Contact: Bill Brecht at 817-873-0234 or e-mail:

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