Study Shows Suzuki Motorcycle Is Risky Business

June 20, 2005

The Suzuki GSX-R Series motorcycle is the most likely motorcycle to be stolen and to be involved in a crash according to a recent study of claims data on more than two million motorcycles insured over the past three years.

The study, conducted by The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, the country’s largest motorcycle insurer, also revealed that the least likely motorcycle to be stolen is Suzuki Savage, while the least likely to be crashed is the Yamaha Virago Series.

So what does this mean for bikers?

If you choose a motorcycle that’s involved in more crashes or is stolen more often you’ll most likely pay more for insurance.

“Insurance rates are based on a lot of information about you and your driving record as well as the make and model bike you ride,” said Rick Stern, motorcycle product manager, Progressive. “If you buy a bike that’s stolen often, you may pay more for comprehensive coverage, and if you buy a bike that is involved in more crashes then you may pay more for collision. We want bikers to be aware of what drives rates so they can make better, more informed insurance decisions.”

Most Likely to Be Stolen
1. Suzuki GSX-R Series
2. Yamaha YZF Series
3. Honda CBR Series
4. Suzuki Hayabusa
5. Kawasaki Ninja Series

Least Likely to be Stolen
1. Suzuki Savage
2. BMW R1200C
3. Honda Rebel Series
4. Honda Shadow Series
5. Yamaha V-Star

Most Likely to be Crashed:
1. Suzuki GSX-R Series
2. Kawasaki Ninja Series
3. Suzuki TLR
4. Yamaha YZF Series
5. Honda CBR Series

Least Likely to be Crashed
1. Yamaha Virago Series
2. Honda Rebel Series
3. Suzuki Savage
4. Harley-Davidson FXR
5. BMW R1200C

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    Aradiach says:
  • August 22, 2005 at 2:44 am
    cspan37421 says:
    It takes two to tango.... Risk takers are drawn to risky machines. The machine does not CAUSE bad riding... but high-performance machines make it startlingly easy to get in ov... read more
  • July 28, 2005 at 5:29 am
    Corona&Limes says:
    I drive a 2005 CBR1000RR, boy I am glad I opted not to go with GSXR1000!! I prefereed the Honda because the sexier look of the up the seat exhaust system, also my kids won't ... read more
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