15 Trends in P/C Insurance Employment

April 16, 2012
  • 15 Trends in P/C Insurance Employment

    The current P/C insurance employment picture, much like the economic outlook, is mixed. Employers remain cautious about adding to payroll but there are opportunities depending on the region of the country and job type. After speaking with dozens of insurance employers, Insurance Journal uncovered a number of trends that characterize today’s job situation.

  • More with Less

    Many employers got used to doing more with fewer people during the downturn.

  • Slow Going

    Insurance hiring may rise but it will likely still lag behind insurance demand.

  • Touch Somebody

    Referrals from employees, friends and clients remains the most popular recruitment tool.

  • Bright Spots

    Sales and claims areas appear to have the best opportunities.

  • Technical Knowledge

    Where employers are hiring, finding people with good technical skills remains a challenge.

  • Opportunity Agents

    Only one-third of independent agencies nationwide expect to boost staff size in 2012: IJ survey.

  • Hidden Opportunities

    Importance of networking: only a fraction of all job openings ever get advertised.

  • Positive Signs

    Recovering economy and hardening market are positive signs for insurance job market.

  • Constant Lookout

    Many agencies are perpetually on a lookout for good producers.

  • Temp to Perm

    Increase in hiring of temporary workers could signal more permanent hires soon.

  • Tech Takeover

    Technology is replacing jobs for service and some personal lines jobs.

  • Smarten Up

    Enrollment in insurance degree courses is up.

  • Sticking Around

    Turnover in insurance jobs is low.

  • Linked Up

    Employers and job seekers are using social media like LinkedIn to connect with each other.

  • Rising in the East

    East Coast looks more favorable for insurance jobs in short-term than West Coast.

Around the Country

Employment prospects vary greatly by employer, region and job specialty. For a closer look, Insurance Journal editors interviewed property/casualty industry leaders in their respective regions and will be filing the following reports this week:

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