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3 Emerging Risks to Watch: Generative AI, Deceptive Design, Bidirectional EVs

Mar 20 2023 // Innovative technologies can be transformational for businesses, industries and our way of life, but they also represent risks. Advances in new areas of tech, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are creating unforeseen...

4 Ways AI Can Benefit the Insurance Industry

Mar 15 2023 // This post is part of a series sponsored by AgentSync. Advancements in technology have given new life to the slow, inefficient processes common in the insurance industry. While the influx in AI-operated systems has some...

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls for AI Regulation

Mar 13 2023 // The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Thursday called for regulation of artificial intelligence technology to ensure it does not hurt growth or become a national security risk, a departure from the business lobbying...

Spying, AI and Hacking, Oh My… 7 Agent Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

Mar 6 2023 // Technology is a double-edged sword that can drive fear as much as excitement for the future. Game-changing tech, though, allows us to make our imaginations a reality. Let’s take a spin down Future Lane to see what...

Marketing Data Can Reduce AI Bias in the Insurance Industry

Feb 20 2023 // Just a decade ago, the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) might play a role in everyday insurance practices may have sounded far-fetched. As a legacy industry with longstanding ways of doing things, many insurers kept...

Getty Images Lawsuit Says Stability AI Misused Photos to Train AI

Feb 7 2023 // Stock photo provider Getty Images has sued artificial intelligence company Stability AI Inc, accusing it in a lawsuit made public on Monday of misusing more than 12 million Getty photos to train its Stable Diffusion AI...

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