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Use Social Media to Engage Customers While Enhancing Your Other Advertising Programs

By Mitch Jawitz | January 23, 2019

Struggling to Engage Customers?

If you are like many insurance agencies, you might be struggling to figure out how social media can help engage your customers while enhancing your other advertising programs. As an insurance agent you want to build meaningful relationships with your customers since it is only a matter of time before one of your competitors attempts to lure them away.

Anderson and Murison regularly post to our Facebook page and we keep our content fresh and up to date. But let’s be honest, most people (even insurance professionals) are not scrolling Facebook looking for the next insurance posting. Then how do you justify spending money on social media? Before you spend any money make sure you are leveraging everything that is available for free. One way to accomplish this is to take advantage of holidays or local events and include a social media aspect.

Anderson & Murison Holiday Example

Every year Anderson and Murison sends out holiday cards to our business partners and we include a holiday message. But this year we included a social media aspect by asking our partners to take a picture of themselves holding our holiday card and then post it to Anderson and Murison’s Facebook page. As an incentive we will randomly select one agency to win a gift card.

Anderson & Murison Holiday Postcard

We received many posts from our retail partners, but more importantly, we’ve engaged them in a way that is both fun and rewarding. Our partners are now more likely to recall Anderson and Murison because they took the time to post about us. This also increases our social media reach.

Anderson & Murison Facebook Posts

The best part is we were able to leverage an existing process—the annual mailing of the holiday card—to stand out. While many cards ended up taped to a wall, left on a desk, or worse, tossed in the trash, many of our agents took the time to snap a photo holding our card and then posted it to the Anderson and Murison Facebook page. This process will increase their ability to recall us the next time they need our services.

We then coupled this with our ongoing web advertising that uses two common elements:

  • Our logo
  • The picture of the man with the umbrella

Either or both elements are included in all our ads to drive brand recall with our retailers. Our online ads are targeted toward our producers through scheduled placements. Our goal is to make sure our partners think of Anderson and Murison the next time they need to place a personal umbrella, personal insurance, or commercial insurance policy in the E&S Wholesale Brokerage space.

Social media should not be a stand-alone advertising process, but it should be part of every outreach program going on in your office. Using social media to promote existing programs can boost your reach and recall with your customers without running up a big expense.

About Anderson and Murison
Anderson and Murison “A&M” is a privately-owned national independent insurance wholesaler brokerage helping agents grow since 1965. Our goal is to find solutions for hard to place customers using a combination of both admitted and non-admitted carriers. Anderson and Murison is active in all 50 states, and while we are known as umbrella coverage experts due to our IIABA endorsed program, we also offer commercial and personal lines coverage.

About Mitch Jawitz

Mitch Jawitz is the Executive Vice President at Anderson and Murison and has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry. He has served in Leadership positions at National Lloyds, The Hanover, The Hartford and Progressive. He started his career with Allstate and has worked in Marketing, Sales, Product, and Underwriting.

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