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Delivering Memorable Brand Experiences

By Applied Underwriters Brand Communications Team | July 8, 2019

If you’re a marketer in our field, you’ve probably attended insurance industry trade shows. Have you noticed that many of the booths in the exhibit hall look the same? If you had to recall who was exhibiting, you may have a hard time naming specific companies that were there. Considering the price tag associated with exhibiting, this is not great news.

When Applied Underwriters first started exhibiting at larger industry shows (RIMS, AppliedNet, NetVu), we weren’t as well known outside the agent/broker channel. Our goals were several: drive traffic to our booth, introduce the Applied brand, and get information from attendees in order to educate them on our products and services that fit specific needs.

We started by creating an idea around our mascot, the Applied Underwriters Big Dog. The Big Dog is a Saint Bernard, a powerful working dog known for its strength, diligence, and reliability – capabilities that symbolize the Applied Underwriters brand. We knew it had to be scaled large in order to draw attention in a crowded exhibition hall. The choice of a bobblehead was important, because it allowed people to interact with our mascot, as pulling the dog’s leash makes the head bobble. Lastly, creating a photo booth experience allowed people to spend time with us, allowing for a natural flow of conversation.

Applied Underwriters at RIMS 2019
Applied Underwriters at RIMS 2019
This agent’s desk holds her 3 years-worth of photos taken with our Big Dog at RIMS.
The small bobblehead shown here is the model on which the large one was built.

We presented our Big Dog bobblehead photo booth idea to Nate Wells, Director of Brand Communications at Applied. After googling “world’s largest bobblehead,” he suggested we set a new record. With the help of Dino Rentos Studio in Orlando, Florida, we created a 15 foot 4.75 inch Big Dog bobblehead and set a new Guinness World Record.

Smashing the Guinness World record for largest bobblehead at Dino Rentos Studios in Orlando, Florida.

From start to finish, the Big Dog bobblehead required over 400 hours in design and production time.

Bobblehead in Production

Our Big Dog is made of styrofoam, a steel pole, and a Toyota truck spring that creates the bobble action. Weighing in at nearly 1,200 pounds, he ships in three separate crates and requires a few strong people and a crane to assemble.

Bobblehead Shipping and Assembly

Look for us at the next big industry show! We’re easy to spot.

Some outtakes from past shows.

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