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Nooses Found at Construction Site Lead to Lawsuit Against Amazon, Contractors

Oct 3 2023 // Five Black and Hispanic electricians who felt threatened when several nooses were found at an Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the company and two...

New York Contractor Sentenced for Defrauding State Workers’ Comp Fund

Sep 20 2023 // A drywall contractor has been sentenced to six months in jail for defrauding the New York State workers’ compensation insurance fund out of almost $3 million in premiums over an eight-year period. The Manhattan...

Houston Contractor Exposed Workers to Falls, Electrical Hazards, and Amputations, U.S. Department of Labor Investigation Finds

Sep 19 2023 // A U.S. Department of Labor workplace safety investigation has found that a Houston-based contractor willfully and repeatedly exposed its workers to falls, electrical hazards and amputations. Following a March 9, 2023,...

Ohio Roofing Contractor Faces $548K in Fines for Exposing Workers to Deadly Fall Hazards

Sep 19 2023 // On four occasions in less than three months in 2023, U.S. Department of Labor inspectors observed a Millersburg, Ohio roofing contractor again exposing workers to deadly fall hazards of up to 19 feet at four residential...

The Unique Risks of an Artisan Contractor

Sep 18 2023 // When you hear or read the term, “artisan contractor,” what do you think of? Don’t search it, and if you deal with artisan contractors, don’t shout out the answer. I can tell you that I thought of...

NIP Group Introduces PoolPro™: Diving Deeper with a Tailored Insurance Program for Pool Builders and Service Contractors

Sep 14 2023 // Woodbridge, New Jersey, September 14, 2023 – NIP Group, a leading specialty insurance program with over 30 years of experience, announces the launch of its latest industry-specific insurance program, PoolPro™. Designed...

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