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Ukraine Crop-Handling Port Damaged in Russian Attacks, Adding to Farm Sector Losses

Jun 24 2022 // Infrastructure owned by two major agriculture traders was damaged in Russian attacks at one of the biggest crop-handling ports in Ukraine, adding to the mounting losses suffered by its farm sector. Rocket strikes on the...

Ukraine Grain Shippers Carve Out Alternative Export Routes via Baltic Sea

Jun 17 2022 // Ukrainian grain shippers have carved out a fresh export route — via the Baltic Sea — to send their crops abroad. The country has been hunting for alternative paths for its crops as the war with Russia cuts off...

Ukraine’s Farming Industry Suffers $4.3 Billion in Damage From Russia’s Invasion

Jun 16 2022 // Ukraine has suffered $4.3 billion in damage to farmland, machinery and livestock as a result of Russia’s invasion, according to the Kyiv School of Economics. About half of the “already immense”...

Satellite Images Reveal Extensive Damage at Major Ukraine Crop Port

Jun 16 2022 // The extent of the damage to one of the biggest agricultural complexes in Ukraine earlier this month was confirmed by satellite images. The Nika-Tera complex, which was opened in 2011 was rendered “unusable”...

Black Sea Mine Removal Needed Before Ukraine Grain Can Be Shipped, Insurers Return

Jun 13 2022 // As the United Nations tries to broker a path for grain from Ukraine and temper worries about a global food crisis, hundreds of mines laid along the Black Sea present a practical nightmare that will take months to resolve...

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