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Freight Rates for Grain Exports via New Black Sea Corridor Fall Sharply, Ukraine Says

Oct 2 2023 // A new corridor allowing cargo vessels to carry Ukrainian grain and iron ore from Black Sea ports has significantly lowered freight rates and they are likely to fall further, Ukraine’s farm minister said on...

Ship Insurance Facility Set Up for Ukraine Grain Exports, Broker Miller Says

Sep 27 2023 // A new marine insurance facility for Ukrainian grain exports using the country’s sea corridor has been set up in conjunction with Ukraine’s authorities, insurance broker Miller said on Tuesday. Russia quit a...

Ukraine Says Second Ship to Sail From Odesa Reaches Romania

Aug 28 2023 // A Liberian-flagged bulk carrier that was the second ship to sail from Odesa since Russia quit the Black Sea safe-transit deal has reached Romanian waters, said President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The Singapore-operated Primus...

Ukraine in Talks With Insurers to Start Program to Cover Ships Hauling Grain Exports

Aug 22 2023 // Ukraine’s government is in talks with insurers to start a new program to cover ships hauling grain through some of the riskiest parts of the Black Sea. The service could start as soon as early September, though a...

Ukraine Weighs Using New Black Sea Export Corridor for Grain Shipments

Aug 21 2023 // Ukraine is considering using its newly tested wartime Black Sea export corridor for grain shipments after the first successful evacuation of a vessel along the route last week, a senior agricultural official said on...

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