GOLD Best Agency to Work For – South Central: Capitol City Insurance

By | October 3, 2016

Best Agency to Work For – South Central

Capitol City Insurance, Austin Texas

A TEAM Concept

One of the prevailing themes in employees’ comments about Insurance Journal‘s pick for Best Agency in the South Central region is teamwork — with a capital T.

capitol-city-insurance_buildingBased in Austin, Texas, Insurance Journal‘s 2016 Best Agency to Work For – South Central, Gold winner: Capitol City Insurance has 28 employees and revenues of around $4 million. Responding to IJ‘s Best Agency survey, employees touted the agency’s many attributes, repeatedly using the words “team” and “teamwork.”

Said one: “Capitol City Insurance Agency is one of the greatest places I have ever worked in my 25-year career. The agency is always looking out for the welfare and care of its family. The concept is simple, TEAM. We believe in each other and the leadership of our organization.”

That one-for-all and all-for-one attitude is integral to the agency’s success, according to Capitol City’s owner and president, Dwayne Baker.

“Teamwork is very important to everyone here because it promotes a sense of ‘someone has my back,'” he said. “We share ideas and thoughts to improve our sales and service. We have team leaders who take their role seriously to ensure that their team is functioning at a high level.”

Employees also cited the emphasis on training and continuing education, the recognition of management and peers, the professionalism, the attitude of integrity and fairness, the workplace flexibility and benefits, and the downright fun of the office environment as reasons they think their agency is the best.

“Honestly from top to bottom this is the best company and job that I have ever experienced. I have never had more fun, success, or opportunity with a job since coming on board with Capitol City Insurance. As a new agent, learning with a lot of questions, it’s nice knowing that I can walk into the owner’s, another agent’s or a CSR’s office and they are more than willing to discuss my questions, provide answers or solutions with a smile on their face,” wrote one employee.

Another employee wrote that everyone has the opportunity to advance by taking classes, which the agency pays for, and earning designations. “When we receive a designation we are given a pay increase of $100 per month and we are not limited to how many designations we receive!”

Baker said he’s “extremely proud” to have been nominated for the award. “I am blessed to have a great team of people to work with!”

He added that one of the reasons he entered the insurance career was a desire to meet and interact with a broad spectrum of people. “I truly enjoy meeting new customers, pulling back the curtain on what insurance does and teaching how it helps provide protection from problems,” he said.

Another one of his greatest joys is “passing my knowledge on to new producers and staff, to watch the light come on in their eyes to see the many ways in which we can serve our customers.”

Baker said he believes Capitol City’s commitment to ethical practices and on treating both customers and insurance carriers well helps to separate the agency from its competitors. “We strive to do the right thing for the carrier and the customer. We work to maintain a high level of expertise in our teams, so we are knowledgeable about issues that pertain to our customers in order to best serve them.”

That philosophy of doing the right thing apparently works for both customers and employees. Said one staff member: “I like to work here because I have been treated with fairness and respect along with our other team members. I truly trust the owner who demonstrates his integrity and fairness every day and professionalism in running our company. I have been here 25 years and I hope I can continue to be here in the future.”

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