Schwarzenegger Elected Calif. Governor

By | October 20, 2003

It was a lot more expensive as opposed to a plane or bus ticket, but Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t seem to mind spending nearly $23 million to go to Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger reportedly spent that much on his campaign to become California’s next governor, and it paid off. On Tuesday, Oct. 7, the Republican actor turned politician was voted in as the state’s 38th governor after current Governor Gray Davis (D) was recalled by the voters.

With nearly 100 precincts reporting, the recall passed by a 55-45 percent margin. Schwarzenegger, in the meantime, compiled 49 percent of the vote to replace Davis, with Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante (D) receiving 32 percent, and State Senator Tom McClintock (R) pulling in 13 percent of the vote.

Davis, who less than a year ago won a second term with his victory over Bill Simon, became California’s first governor to be recalled, and only the second in U.S. history. He adds his name to a short list with former North Dakota Governor Lynn Frazier, who was given the exit door back in 1921.

In his victory speech Tuesday evening, Schwarzenegger noted that, “Everything I have is because of California.”

Now, Schwarzenegger will look to get a troubled economy going, address a workers’ compensation situation which many say is in meltdown status, and look to bring businesses back to the Golden State.

“For the people to win, politics as usual must lose,” he added.

In his concession speech, Davis thanked the many people who supported him during his five years in office, and pleaded with the crowd to help Schwarzenegger during the transition of power. “I am calling on everyone in this state to put the chaos and the division of the recall behind us and do what’s right for this great state of California.”

McClintock, who told Insurance Journal in a September interview that one of his first acts if elected governor would be to call a special session of the Legislature for the express purpose of replacing California’s workers’ comp law with Arizona’s, noted in his remarks Tuesday evening that, “This is a great day for California. History will record that on this day, in response to a common danger, the people rose to their duties as citizens and ordered a new direction for our state.”

McClintock, like Davis, also said he would support Schwarzenegger as he takes office.

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