Profile of Young Agents

April 19, 2021

Older Side of Young

61.7% are 31 to 40 years old.

38.3% are 30 and under.

Career Choice

85.5% consider insurance to be a permanent career choice;

12.0% are unsure;

81.4% would recommend career choice to another young person — but

13.6% are not sure they would while

5.0% wouldn’t recommend being an agent.


26.0% have less than three years in insurance;

17.3% have three to five years;

29.6% have six to 10 years;

17.0% have 11 to 15 years;

10.1% have more than 15 years.


63.0% have a college degree;

10.1% have a master’s, doctorate or other advanced degree;

50.7% have completed or are working on an insurance designation.

62.2% have an insurance agent mentor.

Family Affairs

55.2% work in family owned agencies.

26.0% are members of the family that owns the agency.


31.4% work for agencies generating $5 million or less in P/C premium.

23.1% work for agencies generating $6 million to $25 million in P/C premium.

34.3% work for agencies generating more than $26 million.

89.5% are privately held independent agencies.

Employment Status

88.8% are independent agents;

12.4% presently are sole owners of an agency;

20.1% share ownership with a partner(s).

Ownership Dreams

67.5% do not presently own an agency; of these,

53.8% would like to own someday and

26.5% of those feel very confident ownership dreams will come true — but

35.5% don’t believe it will happen.

Book of Business

63.5% target mostly commercial lines;

36.5% target mostly personal lines.

Gender ID

58.9% Male

41.1% Female

48.7% Describe their political affiliation as Republican,

14.7% Democrat,

13.9% Independent, and

8.1% Libertarian.

Ethnic Background

89.7% White/Caucasian

5.5% Hispanic/Latino

1.8% Black

1.8% Asian

0.7% Native American

2.9% Other or did not wish to say

What Young Agents Do

51.5% attend local business or community meetings;

56.6% volunteer in the community;

12.0% get involved in local politics;

62.4% use Facebook;

72.6% use LinkedIn;

23.7% use Twitter;

11.3% write a blog;

55.8% utilize insurance coverage or other checklists;

79.6% take insurance courses online.

Topics Agencies

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