What Young Agents Like Most

April 19, 2021
  1. Everyday is something different. This job is never repetitive.
  2. Flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to run my own business.
  3. The ability to work in any industry with interesting companies.
  4. I really enjoy getting to learn about different businesses and how they operate.
  5. I love that every day is different. I also like the competitiveness of the business. I love to win while also hate losing.
  6. The ability to pursue my own individual passion, while being rewarded for doing exactly that.
  7. I love the balance and ability to be able to create my own schedule, to a degree, along with a substantial earnings potential.
  8. I enjoy showing companies the best way to manage and finance the risk associated with their business.
  9. 100% the people I get to work with and build relationships with.
  10. The knowledge I have gained in the insurance industry. I find my commercial, life insurance and retirement planning skills gained are invaluable.
  11. Family business is actually pretty fun. I like the small mom-and-pop shop vibe versus the big corporate world.
  12. Job freedom and not having to sit at a desk every day. Every day is different.
  13. The opportunity to work and partner with multiple different industries. The opportunity to network with new people.
  14. The relationships I have formed with my clients throughout the years, and the fact that I am a trusted advisor to them. … I love just talking with them and having lunch and just talking about life.
  15. I love helping people. I love educating young clients. I feel if you take the time to educate the buyer, you will earn a customer for life.

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