PA Questions Development in Wake of Allison Floods

June 20, 2001

Pennsylvania officials, sodden homeowners and insurers were questioning the apparent lack of coordinated development regulations in the wake of the floods caused by 10 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Allison. Stricter controls on building could have prevented some of the worst damage.

While the State’s residents began the massive job of cleaning up the mess, it became apparent that too many homes and businesses had been built in low lying areas, on the flood plains of rivers and creeks or dangerously nearby. Such structures run an ongoing risk of repeated flooding, and while disaster aid offers some relief, it’s not a long term solution.

Preliminary damage estimates indicate over 600 homes were flooded, 181 sustained major damage and at least 74 were destroyed. 48 deaths have been blamed on Allison since it first hit land in Texas and Louisiana two weeks ago.

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