NY Charges Nine in Workers Comp Fraud Case

December 17, 2001

Following a nine-month investigation, New York authorities have charged nine individuals and one corporation on various counts of defrauding the State’s Workers’ Compensation Fund.

The persons involved all owned or worked for the now defunct College Point Laundry in Queens, and are alleged to have filed numerous false reports and statements which under-reported the number of workers employed and claimed workers were covered when they were not. Several employees were also charged with claiming disability benefits when they were in fact working. The amounts involved added up to just under $250,000

Kenneth Ross, Executive Director of the New York State Insurance Fund, stated that this was more evidence of the close cooperation between his Department, The NYSID’s Frauds Bureau and the Queens District Attorney’s Office in cracking down on fraud. “Anyone who commits workers’ compensation fraud in New York escalates the cost of doing business here,” Ross stated, “and makes obtaining the coverage necessary for legitimate claims more expensive.”|”ny, charges, nine, in, workers, comp, fraud, case

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