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California Utility’s Criminal Probation Ending Amid Ongoing Safety Worries

Jan 25 2022 // Pacific Gas & Electric is poised to emerge from five years of criminal probation, despite worries that nation’s largest utility remains too dangerous to trust after years of devastation from wildfires ignited by...

Indiana Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Prevent Catalytic Converter Thefts

Jan 21 2022 // Indiana Rep. Jim Baird has introduced a bill to reduce catalytic converter thefts by marking identifying information on catalytic converters, addressing how the parts are purchased, and strengthening enforceability of...

Florida Senate Votes to Keep Insurers’ Fraud Reports Exempt from Open Records

Jan 21 2022 // The 2022 Florida Senate has passed its first bill that affects insurance companies, but the measure has little to do with losses, rates or litigation costs. On Wednesday, by a vote of 35-0, the chamber approved Senate Bill...

Former California Insurance Agent Sentenced in Theft and Embezzlement Scheme

Jan 21 2022 // Former insurance agent Blanca Lidia Guzman, 40, of Palmdale, California, was sentenced in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday on one felony count of grand theft after pleading no contest for defrauding...

Criminal Indictments Are Major — But Not Only — Tool of U.S. Cyber Defense Agencies

Jan 20 2022 // The FBI and other federal agencies are increasingly looking to counter cyber threats through tools other than criminal indictments, the head of the bureau’s cyber division said in an interview with The Associated...

New Year’s Resolution? Experts Say For Cyber Criminals, It’s More Widespread Attacks

Jan 19 2022 // Powered by The looming threat of increased supply chain and critical infrastructure attacks is causing both cyber experts and cyber insurers to lose sleep already in 2022, according to guests on this...

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