CT Broker Implements Xcipio’s Pilot Program for Single-Point-of-Entry Access System

March 18, 2003

Massachusetts-based Xcipio, announced that Burns, Brooks & McNeil, headquartered in Torrington, CT, one of New England’s largest independent insurance agencies, has implemented its XcelerRator(TM) system “to provide the company and its six branch offices with web-based, single-entry access to multiple industry systems used in the insurance sales, service, and distribution process.”

“We are delighted to have an agency with the reputation and size of Burns, Brooks & McNeil as our pilot,” stated David Cooksley, Xcipio’s President and CEO. “They have made some excellent work-flow suggestions, which we have implemented to further enhance the platform. We have spent a lot of time over the last two years building, testing and de-bugging the system in-house, but you never really know what’s going to happen until you put it into a real-world environment; so far, the system has performed flawlessly, and we are thrilled!”

“XcelerRator(TM) gives users a single-point-of-entry and simultaneously accesses comparative rating sources, carrier host systems, ChoicePoint (MVR, CLUE, Credit), and agency management systems to produce comparative rated, underwritten, and tiered quotes – in real-time,” said the bulletin.

The pilot program was released January 16th, and is being hosted at Burns, Brooks & McNeil headquarters. “It includes 16 auto carriers and 10 home carriers,” said Xcipio, and noted that the “following carriers participating in the program have authorized ChoicePoint to provide Xcipio with full ChoicePoint data access:
Central Insurance Companies
Middlesex Mutual
Patron’s Mutual
Four additional carriers will be added to the list later this month as Xcipio continues its carrier roll out.”

Stephen Todd, CPCU, CIC, CPIA, Asst. VP of Burns, Brooks & McNeil stated “Our company sees tremendous workflow productivity gains both for our new business and renewal business, delivering comparatively-rated, underwritten, and tiered quotes to our customers – faster than any other agency in the industry; which translates to improved customer service and retention.”

“It is pretty amazing to watch XcelerRator(TM) in action,” Todd continued.” The system has the ability to simultaneously access all the industry systems we use in our business from a single-point-of-entry, and we only have to enter the data we need one time. It wraps carrier specific underwriting questions around the rating engine we currently use, while it simultaneously retrieves the ChoicePoint data we need.”

Todd noted that “The eligibility guesswork is eliminated, since XcelerRator(TM) automatically determines the risk and the appropriate carrier tier. A comparatively-rated auto and home quote that used to take us 90 minutes can be completed in 20 minutes using XcelerRator(TM).”

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