PIANY, PIANJ, PIACT and PIANH Update QuickSource Document Service

September 30, 2003

The Professional Insurance Agents of New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Hampshire Inc. announced the unveiling of major enhancements to their Industry Resource Center QuickSource document service.

“PIA identifies the Resource Center as one of the most-used benefits it offers members,” said the announcement. “The Resource Center has answered nearly 150,000 inquiries in its eight-year existence. So far this year, the QuickSource documents have been accessed via PIA’s Web site number more than 16,000 times, which has gone up incrementally each year by about 5,000.”

The PIA organizations said they had “renovated its electronic capabilities for QuickSource documents to answer members’ needs and increase usage of the Internet to improve their businesses.” Some of the new features include:
— smart, weighted-search technology that brings the resources needed right to the top of the search results;
— search results now include a brief description of the article and indication of document length, which members can choose to view or not;
— an icon that allows members to know at a glance whether results are HTML, PDF, e-mail link or an off-site resource;
— both the index and individual QuickSource documents may be printed without ink- draining images; and
— a help screen to assist you with any questions you may have on navigating this area.

“Thousands of PIA member-exclusive QuickSource documents are accessed every month through our Web site,” noted PIANY president T.J. Derella. “With the increased number of PIA members using the Internet, we expect these enhancements to increase usage of the QuickSource service and keep the association ahead of the competition in member benefits.”

PIANJ President John D’Agostino Jr., CIC, added, “We are continuing to provide today’s insurance professionals with all the necessary tools for success. One of the easiest ways to do this is offer updated information via our Web site.”

Another new feature of this improved service is the highlighting of keywords to make it easier for members to find the information they are looking for. There also is a list of related documents and services at the end of each resource kit for information on that particular subject.

“Insurance people are quick to jump on the Internet to gather information,” stated Rob Gyle IV, CIC, president of PIACT. “We want to give them every opportunity to find the information they need on one Web site.” PIANH President Jeffrey Foy added, “We are constantly striving to match the needs of our members. This is just one example.”

To view the updated QuickSource documents log on to PIANY, PIANJ, PIACT and PIANH’s award-winning Web site at www.piaonline.org.

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