Del. Commissioner Denn Seeks to Reshape Insurance Department to Stress Consumer Protection

February 9, 2005

Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn, in his fiscal year 2006 budget presentation to the Joint Finance Committee, outlined plans to reform his office structure in order to focus it on protecting the interests of Delaware insurance policyholders.

Denn also retracted his predecessor’s request for funding from the state’s general fund. “I will run the Insurance Commissioner’s office next year without using taxpayer dollars,” he stated.

Denn proposed four structural changes in the office, all designed to enhance the department’s ability to assist policyholders:

A reduction in the department’s travel expenses, in order to redirect funds to consumer protection activities.

The creation of a full-time director for the department’s consumer affairs unit, which is now overseen by an individual with responsibility for multiple divisions.

The hiring of consumer affairs employees who will travel throughout the state in order to service consumers at state service centers, churches and synagogues, senior centers, and community centers.

The hiring of a private law firm to represent health insurance policyholders with disputes involving insurance companies over which the dpartment does not have jurisdiction.

“My primary promise when I ran for this office was that I would be an Insurance Commissioner who would stand up for Delaware policyholders,” Denn told the Joint Finance Committee. “The agenda that I have laid out for you for our FY 06 budget is my effort to keep that promise.”

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