Most Maine Crimes Drop in 2014 Even as Drug Arrests Grow

July 23, 2015

The Maine Department of Public Safety says crime dropped nearly 15 percent last year, the largest drop in the four decades that the state has kept detailed records.

Commissioner John Morris said Wednesday every crime category tabulated by the state’s Uniform Crime Reporting division went down in 2014, a year after similar decreases were recorded in most categories. One exception: There were more drug arrests.

Morris said the decreasing crime numbers are encouraging “but also tempered with the growing drug abuse issue.”

He said drugs are still driving most crime in Maine.

Among the categories, the biggest drop in 2014 was for burglaries at 22.4 percent. Other crimes that saw declines: Aggravated assaults, motor vehicle thefts, homicides, domestic violence assault, rape and arson.

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