Girl Bitten by Camel at Virginia Safari Park Gets $155K Settlement

August 23, 2016

A 10 year old girl who was bitten by a camel at a safari park in Virginia will get a $155,000 settlement.

Citing court documents, local media outlets report that Madison Holland’s family has reached a settlement with the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, Va.

Holland suffered serious injuries to her forearm when she was bitten while attending a birthday party at the drive-thru zoo in May 2015.

Holland will get $10,000 when she turns 18, followed by $1,000 a month for 14 years after she turns 21. Nearly $40,000 will go toward medical and legal expenses.

The park allows visitors to drive their car or ride on wagons through the property. Animals including camels, llamas and zebras approach the cars to be fed.

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