Maryland Court Could Give More Time for Asbestos Lawsuits

December 4, 2017

A Maryland court is weighing whether to give workers sickened by asbestos exposure more time to sue their employers, a move that could open the door to new lawsuits.

The Baltimore Sun reports Maryland law currently allows 20 years for workers or their families to make such claims.

But a case heard Friday by the Maryland Court of Appeals involves a steamfitter who worked at a Maryland power plant in the 1970s and died more than four decades later from mesothelioma.

The question for the court is whether the time limit should apply in the case. If the estate wins, it could revive its complaint for damages.

Those arguing to defeat the case say such a ruling would give the court the power to change state law.

The judges didn’t indicate when they would rule.

Information from: The Baltimore Sun

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