RMS Launches New Data Tool For European Cat Risks

November 7, 2000

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) of Menlo Park announced the creation of “Exposure Plus(TM),” which it describes as, “a tool for the creation of property exposure data for catastrophe risk analysis of European insurance portfolios”

“Both insurers and reinsurers suffer from a lack of reliable information on insured exposures in Europe,” stated Matthew Grant, RMS international V.P. Exposure Plus is RMS’ response to the lack of data available to insurers following last year’s disastrous windstorms in France. The unexpectedly high loss level indicated a critical need for better information.

RMS’ new data system will provide accurate information “on building values and limits, premium to value relationships, deductibles, and market share for individual companies.”

“With Exposure Plus, users define combinations of market share, policy count, premium income, and sums insured to create a CRESTA distribution of aggregate exposure for residential, commercial, and agricultural portfolios,” said the announcement.

“The model output can be imported directly into RMS’ RiskLink (R)-ALM (Aggregate Loss Module) or RiskLink-DLM (Detailed Loss Module) and may be also used with other catastrophe models or mapping software,” it continued.

Immediately available only in France, RMS plans for British, German, Belgian, Danish and Dutch versions to be available early next year.

Further information can be obtained from the company website at : www.riskinc.com.

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