International Power Group Signs Exclusive Agreement with Marsh USA

October 26, 2005

International Power Group, Ltd. (IPWG) announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Marsh USA Inc. to provide insurance, brokerage and related consulting services to IPWG.

“These services will be in support of IPWG’s developing waste-to-energy sites,” said the bulletin. “IPWG previously reported an exclusive licensing agreement from Naanovo Energy for various countries including but not limited to the United States, Great Britain, China, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Venezuela and Mexico. Marsh will be responsible for representing IPWG with respect to the placement of various insurance and risk financing programs for the company and its third party investors.”

IPWG President and CEO Peter Toscano commented: “We chose Marsh because of their worldwide reach which matches the opportunities that IPWG faces, as well as the scale to help us grow and effectively manage our risks for the benefit of our shareholders and investors. They have experience in power and utility, international operations, large project construction insurance, and in building unique insurance programs to protect investor interests in the various opportunities on IPWG’s horizon.”

The bulletin described IPWG as “a waste management disposal company operating a proprietary technology that not only handles waste management in a more environmentally friendly manner, but also converts the energy generated from the process into meaningful amounts of cost effective electricity. Substantial amounts of purified drinking water can also be extracted from the process.”

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