ABI Calls on MP’s to Improve Young Driver Safety

April 20, 2007

The Association of British Insurers urged the Government to take action to reduce the “number of young people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads,” particularly in the London area, where the ABI said, “more drivers between 17-21 are killed or seriously injured” than anywhere else in England.

ABI statistics show that “every day four young people are killed or seriously injured in road accidents, over 1,400 a year. Young male drivers are ten times as likely to be involved in accidents than more experienced motorists.”

Stephen Haddrill, the ABI’s Director General, in a speech to over fifty Members of Parliament (MP’s) told them: “Every death of a young driver is a tragedy. Too many young drivers are ill-equipped for the dangers of driving. We call on the Government to introduce a new learning program urgently and a one-year learning period.

“It is also vital to restrict the number of passengers novice drivers can carry. A young driver is three times as likely to be killed if carrying three or more passengers. Our proposals have worked elsewhere – in USA and Sweden – and it is time they were adopted here. Every day that passes brings fresh and avoidable tragedy”.

To try and reduce the number of accidents in London, the ABI called on the MP’s to pass legislation requiring “learner drivers in London to have to complete a minimum one year learning period before they take their driving test.”
Justin Jacobs, the ABI’s Head of Motor Insurance, stated: “London is a dangerous place for young drivers. Too many young drivers pass their test, but are unprepared for the hazards of driving on London’s roads. This lack of experience too often leads to tragedy. We need to better equip young learner drivers with the skills they need to stay alive and become tomorrow’s safer drivers.”

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