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Distracted Driving a Major Problem in Texas, Transportation Officials Say

Apr 9 2021 // Distracted driving comes in second for the cause of traffic crashes in Texas, state transportation officials say. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that one in five traffic crashes are caused by cell...

Maine Lawsuit Over Uber Driver’s Refusal of Guide Dog Can Go On

Apr 9 2021 // A judge in Maine has ruled that a woman who has impaired vision can go ahead with a claim against Uber, which she has said discriminated against her by refusing to allow her guide dog into a vehicle. The lawsuit stretches...

North Carolina Agents Launch Distracted Driving Campaign

Apr 7 2021 // The Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina (IIANC) have launched a campaign designed to inform and educate the driving public, especially parents and young drivers, about the peril of distracted driving, which...

South Carolina Senate Passes Bill to Ticket Slow Drivers in Left Lane

Apr 1 2021 // The South Carolina Senate has passed a bill to fine people who don’t get over from the left lane of a three-lane highway when overtaken by traffic. The version passed last week by the Senate fines drivers $25 but...

Distracted Driving Behaviors Increased During Pandemic. Are Bosses to Blame?

Mar 31 2021 // One in four drivers thinks that roads are safer today than they were before the pandemic, yet a growing number of drivers are texting or emailing while driving– in part as more of them feel pressured to be available...

Former California Uber Driver Convicted of Raping Passengers

Mar 29 2021 // A former Uber driver in Central California was found guilty of sexually assaulting and stealing from five passengers. Jurors took less than three hours to convict Alfonso Alarcon Nunez of 13 felonies, including three...

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