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Now Safe Drivers Can Get a Break on Life Insurance

Jan 25 2022 // Under a program being offered by Boston-based life insurer John Hancock, safe drivers can earn reward points towards discounts on wellness products and their life insurance premiums. John Hancock Vitality program members...

Consumer Reports, Insurance Safety Institute to Rate Vehicle Driver Automation Systems

Jan 21 2022 // Two nonprofit bodies, Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), said separately on Thursday they are reviewing safeguards put in place by automakers for vehicles with partial automation. The...

Transportation Safety Chief Objects to Use of Driver Error Statistic

Jan 20 2022 // With traffic fatalities spiking higher, the nation’s top safety investigator says a widely cited government statistic that 94% of serious crashes are solely due to driver error is misleading and that the...

Self-Driving Trucks: Looking at the Risks

Jan 14 2022 // I came across this article on Insurance Journal (of course!) today. Can a Self-Driving 40-Ton Truck Be Safe? Developers Say Yes But Others Are Skeptical. The optimist in me says that yes, self-driving trucks can be...

California DMV Reevaluating Approach to Regulating Tesla’s Public Self-Driving Test

Jan 13 2022 // California is reevaluating Tesla Inc’s Full Self-Driving test program, to determine if the electric-car maker’s software should fall under its motor vehicle department’s autonomous vehicle regulations,...

Rhode Island Fines Medical Transport Firm Over Fatal Crash by Unqualified Driver

Jan 11 2022 // The company contracted by the state to provide nonemergency medical transportation to Rhode Island residents was fined $600,000 Thursday in connection with a crash involving an unqualified driver that led to the death of a...

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